Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby's First Photos

I had my first OB appointment on July 3rd and was fortunate enough to also get a sneak peek at the baby. Here a few ultrasound pics from Baby's first portrait session. Sorry I'm a little late posting these as we were having scanner issues. So, here's your first peek at Baby #2. And no Mom, we don't know if it is a boy or girl yet.

Here is baby waving for the camera.

Skeletor Baby

Baby had flipped all the way over by the end of the session.

Baby was very active and when the sonographer (is that the correct term?) first started the ultrasound the baby had his/her hand behind his/her head. Ironically, this is how we often saw Preston when we would have ultrasounds with him. Even after he was born he would put one hand behind his head when sleeping, and even still today when he's exhausted we'll find him like that. Too cute!

The appointment went well. My blood pressure was good (thank goodness!) and I'm right on target to deliver by c-section on December 27. This date may change as the doctor allows a 7 day window prior to due date, and with the holidays we might try to have the baby home by Christmas. My only issue at the doctor's office was when they tried to take blood. Apparently I have very deep veins and when the nurse couldn't find one, she went to find one in my hand. Well she found one alright, and she blew the vein while trying to get blood. I ended up with a nasty and painful bruise on my hand for several days aftwards. She felt really bad and ended up calling in another nurse who found a vein in my arm right away.

I have another OB appointment this week and we'll be having another ultrasound. Since I'll be almost 20 weeks we should be able to find out the sex... that is if the baby cooperates. We'll be taking Preston with us as he's all excited about finding out if he'll have a baby brother or sister. If you ask him what he thinks it will be, he'll tell you "I don't know, only the doctor knows." Preston's never been one for suppositions. Stick to the facts, man.


Anonymous said...

Whatever makes you think I am curious about the sex except that I will drive you crazy after Thursday. Glad you put the pictures on here. I hope my phone is working better on Thursday than it has been this weekend. Give Preston a big hug and kiss from us. MOM

melissafinnegan said...

So exciting, Cindy! Can't wait to know what you've got in there =) I'm sending healthy vibes but secretly thinking pink for you =) Take care. Hugs to all!