Friday, August 28, 2009

On the Hunt

My local moms groups hosted a photo scavenger hunt for the month of July. The goal was to find each of the items on the list and take a picture of it with your child(ren). We got kind of a late start as we were out of town for the first week, and we had to get creative with a few of them. But we had a lot of fun running around town trying to hunt down the items on our list.

Check out the slideshow below to see all the things we had to track down.

Our entry for "Old school" even won us a free photoshoot with one of the professional mom photographers in our group! How cool is that?!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Eight months old.

I love this age.

Every day we're starting to see more and more of Connor's personality.
It's so much fun discovering if he's...




or mischievous.

Turns out, he is all four of those things and much more.
This was evidenced by how I found him in his crib one morning.

A Houdini in the making.
(Note the stragetically placed diaper in the background.)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the Winner is...

Thanks to all those who entered my contest and made suggestions for the name of my mommy prayer group. There were so many good suggestions, that I honestly could not decide. While I may still use one of the suggestions, I decided to go ahead and just choose a winner randomly. Seemed fair enough, right?

So without further delay, the winner chosen by is Sandy! She made comment number 17 with "Mommy Has Faith".

Congratulations Sandy! I'll be contacting you to get your address so that I can mail your prize to you.

Thanks again, to everyone who participated. You ladies are a creative bunch! As soon as I nail down the name, I'll be sure and post here as well.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Help Wanted - and a Giveaway!

Do you have a way with words?

Do you have a creative flair for writing?

Do you like to talk?

Do you use words in your every day life?

If you said yes to any of the above, then have I got a job for you!

I have a concept for a future project and I'm stumped for what to call it. And to help get your creative juices flowing I'm going to entice you with a little bribe prize.

Hold your horses, I'll get to the prize in just a minute. First, here's what I need from you.

I need a clever name/title for a prayer group for moms/women. Here are just a few guidelines:

  • It does need to be original. So while Women of Faith is a great suggestion, I unfortunately can't use it.

  • You can mention "moms", "women" or any other name suggesting as such in the name. However, there should be an emphasis on prayer, faith, or Christianity as that's what the group is all about. You can use alliterations, acronyms or any other verbiage you like.

  • You must leave your suggestion in the comments section of this post. If you tell me in person, over the phone, on Facebook, or in a text I will forget it. That's just how my brain works.

  • One suggestion per comment please, but you can leave multiple comments. (This is to your advantage - you'll see in a minute.)

  • Be sure and leave me a way to contact you if you win. Something like an email address, blog address, or your handle if you are on my moms board. If I know you in person you must tell me three things you like about me - just kidding! Just let me know who you are when you leave a comment.

  • You have until Friday, August 14 at midnight to post your comment.

  • I will pick a winning name/title from the suggestions in the comments on Saturday, August 15. If, for some reason, I don't use one of the suggestions, the winner will be picked at random using the random number generator. So make as many suggestions as you like, no matter how lame you think it is!

And now to the good stuff. Here is what the winner receives!

It's not much, but it is hand made by moi. And I'm sure it would look beautiful in your home, or office, or kitchen, or in your friend's home. Hey, I won't tell if you re-gift it!

This little beauty will be either delivered to you via the postal service of when I see you in person, whichever is the fastest.

So lay it on me. Give me your best suggestions!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: I'm Lovin' it!

Somebody's had a little too much "special sauce".

"Mom, can we pretend he's not with us?"

It's Wednesday! It's Wordless! See more here and here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Somebody's Gonna Be In Trouuuuble!

In the words of Tootie from The Facts of Life: "... and make that a double."

It's 10:30 at night. Your doorbell rings. You think your hubby is in the office working. You peek out the front door and you see a big truck with lots of lights.

Is it a firetruck? Ambulance? Oh dear, what could it be?


And no, he wasn't looking for us!

Apparently Adam (last name withheld) is a little behind on his payments and will no longer have access to his Jeep Wrangler. That is, if the big burly (and somewhat scary) individual that was standing on my porch can find his car.

Now the question is, who is Adam and why was he using our address?

Oh and hubby? He was in bed. Asleep. Missed the whole thing!

And thank goodness the doorbell didn't wake up the little ones, otherwise Repo-Man would have to answer to Mini Mean Momma!