Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Sunk My Battleship!

And so the totally 80's Spring Break continues. Like I said before, I hadn't intentionally tried to relive my rad childhood, it just kind of happened. Since we had such a fun-filled couple of days we decided to keep our fun at home. I hadn't really planned anything on this day, but Preston had one big thing he wanted to accomlish. Eat donuts! That kid is crazy about donuts. Especially the kind with sprinkles. So what kind of mom would I be if I didn't oblige his crazy obsessions now and then? A no-fun mom, that's what. And since I wasn't getting dressed to actually go buy donuts, we made them instead.

With sprinkles of course. Oh and I ran out of powderd sugar, so I made up a maple glaze with pancake syrup. I wouldn't recommend it, it was really sweet.
But we needed something for the sprinkles to stick to.
Besides what's a little extra sugar to a little boy with lots of energy?

Connor got to eat the holes (sans sugar) and he really like them.

Really, really liked them.

"Hey mom, we need some more holes over here!"

Later Connor took his nap so Preston and I were able to play a little Battleship.

I kept encouraging him to stand up and shout "You sunk my battleship!"
But he just thought I was weird.
Hey, it's how we always played it. And that's how they did it on the commerical. But then again, I never played it while watching opera either.

Later since it was such a beautiful day we headed to the duck pond park where we saw...

a heron...

some turtles...

oh yeah, and a duck. Actually we saw several but this little fellow caught my eye.

Preston playing at the playground.

Connor plays a little tune.

Preston playing in the slide.

Now it's time to go home.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Times Just Keep Rolling

It wasn't intentional but this year's Spring Break was filled with all sorts of things from my childhood. Last time it was a Push-up, this time it's roller skating. I spent nearly every Tuesday night of my elementary school years at the skating rink. I still remember my white rollerskates that my mom probably picked up at a garage sale - no more ugly rental skates - complete with pink pom-poms. I was the epitome of cool... or so I thought.

So join me now as we re-live the 80's.

Why yes, that is the same geometric carpet you remember. Colorblocking was so in.

And while our fashion sense has changed and I no longer curl my bangs to defy gravity, one thing hasn't changed... skating is hard when you first try it.

Note the death grip on the bar there. And although there is a fierce look of concentration, Preston didn't hesitate one bit. I'd like to say he got his confidence from me... but his daddy would say it was his lower center of gravity that gave him the extra advantage. Ok, but he got that from me too.

Later, the nice roller rink people brought out these nifty "walkers". There was no stopping him now.

Can you not just hear Michael Jackson's "Beat It" in the background? We did.

And what was Connor doing during this 80's flashback? Well he was chillin in the stroller with his best dude, Mason.

I'm pretty sure I overheard them say something about a "gnarly video game". Totally.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break in our neck of the woods. And even though Preston is only in pre-K he gets a break from school too. Today is usually a school day and since it was kind of cold and damp out we decided to break out the playdough for a little fun. Of course Mommy has to limit the fun to just the circle of the snowman table cloth. It's still fun, but contained fun.

Preston showing off his sea urchin with pink hair.

This was Connor's first playdough experience so he's still just checking it out.
(Oh and we were originally going to make slime out of cornstarch but that was a big fat fail, so we got out the playdough. So now you know why Connor has white stuff all over him.)

Making more sea urchin hair.

Checking out the various playdough tools.

After Connor's nap and lunch for everybody the sun came out a little so we decided to go for a walk.

Connor sporting a new hat, which came off several times during the walk. Along with the shoes.

Preston and Connor all ready to go.

Since there were no neighbor kids to hang out with, we decided to walk to the Shell gas station and get ourselves a treat.

Preston picked a Push-Up! (My favorite when I was a kid. Check out that retro wrapper too!)

Connor and I went with the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich. Yum!

Hey Connor, save some for Mommy!