Friday, June 26, 2009

Gold Spandex is Totally Gnarly

Remember the movie Fame? You might remember the motion picture or maybe the popular TV series, but I'm certain you remember the theme song. Remember? Remember? Irene Cara? Any of this ring a bell?

If not, go here. Do it now. Trust me, you're going to want to see what we thought was cool in the eighties. Totally radical, dude.

Besides it'll help the following story make much more sense.

So, we take Preston to go see Up at the theatre. One of the previews just happen to be the new movie Fame (a remake of course). They play the theme song throughout the entire trailer.

Here's the last thing we hear as the screen fades to black:

I'm gonna live forever
Baby remember my name
Remember my name

Just as the theatre gets quiet and we're all poised for the movie to finally start, Preston calls out:

"What was their name?"

That's solid gold right there, folks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Spy Cup

Have you seen these I Spy bags going around Etsy lately? They're these little fabric pocket thingys that have little trinkets hidden in them. Kids can spend hours playing with them as they hunt for treasures. I have several friends who keep them in the car for long car rides or boring doctor visits. They're really cute, but kind of pricey for us.

Recently a friend pointed me to this blog where a mom made her own I Spy jar. Nifty! I had been looking for something like this for Preston for our upcoming road trip. However, I had visions of that heavy glass jar laying in a million pieces on the pavement at the first pit stop. Not good.

Ingenuity struck and I came up with my very own version: The I Spy Cup.

I remembered I had a plastic travel coffee mug that I had purchased at Dollar Tree (yes, for a dollar) for another project that didn't happen. This particular mug allows you to remove the portion that holds the liquid so that you can insert your own customized liner. (Cute idea, just never got around to doing it. Besides I don't drink coffee and the mug is too small for my iced tea addiction.)

Here's what it looked like with the liner removed.
(As you can see I already cut it, I forgot to take a picture before I got started.)

First I needed to remove the "cup" portion so that I could preserve the lid. This way just by simply unscrewing the top I can fill it (and refill it) easily. Using a razor knife I cut around the cup.

Once the cup is removed it was time to find the trinkets to put in it. After a quick search around the house I was able to find several small pieces to fit inside my I Spy Cup. Here are just a few of the things I found: game pieces, a marble, a bouncy ball, an eraser, buttons and some jewelry beads.

I just filled up the remainder of the cup with rice(uncooked of course) and now Preston has his very own I Spy Cup!

I can't wait to use this on our next road trip. I'm thinking just about the time the DVD player has lost it's appeal would be the perfect opportunity to surprise Preston.

I even took a picture of each of the hidden treasures and made Bingo cards. I printed two different ones so that he and Daddy can play together.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Connor Photos

Just a few random photos of Connor. Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

Every night at bedtime Preston has the same routine; brush teeth, story, prayers, then hugs and kisses. Fortunately my four year old doesn't complain about giving mommy her snuggles, but no matter what he always wipes off my kisses. Finally, I couldn't help but ask him why he always wiped off my smooches.

It is this response that made me so proud to be his mommy. He told me, "Mommy, I'm not wiping off your kisses, I'm rubbing them in so I can keep them forever." So while I know that there will come a day where he will be too cool to get kisses from his mommy, for now I'm making sure he's got plenty.