Monday, June 15, 2009

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

Every night at bedtime Preston has the same routine; brush teeth, story, prayers, then hugs and kisses. Fortunately my four year old doesn't complain about giving mommy her snuggles, but no matter what he always wipes off my kisses. Finally, I couldn't help but ask him why he always wiped off my smooches.

It is this response that made me so proud to be his mommy. He told me, "Mommy, I'm not wiping off your kisses, I'm rubbing them in so I can keep them forever." So while I know that there will come a day where he will be too cool to get kisses from his mommy, for now I'm making sure he's got plenty.


On the road again said...

This is a man who will keep some woman very happy but not too soon I hope.

leasa said...

Aaww...that's SWEET!! When Donovan was little & he wiped kisses off, I used to tell him he's just rubbing them in CLOSER to his HEART!!