Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Times Just Keep Rolling

It wasn't intentional but this year's Spring Break was filled with all sorts of things from my childhood. Last time it was a Push-up, this time it's roller skating. I spent nearly every Tuesday night of my elementary school years at the skating rink. I still remember my white rollerskates that my mom probably picked up at a garage sale - no more ugly rental skates - complete with pink pom-poms. I was the epitome of cool... or so I thought.

So join me now as we re-live the 80's.

Why yes, that is the same geometric carpet you remember. Colorblocking was so in.

And while our fashion sense has changed and I no longer curl my bangs to defy gravity, one thing hasn't changed... skating is hard when you first try it.

Note the death grip on the bar there. And although there is a fierce look of concentration, Preston didn't hesitate one bit. I'd like to say he got his confidence from me... but his daddy would say it was his lower center of gravity that gave him the extra advantage. Ok, but he got that from me too.

Later, the nice roller rink people brought out these nifty "walkers". There was no stopping him now.

Can you not just hear Michael Jackson's "Beat It" in the background? We did.

And what was Connor doing during this 80's flashback? Well he was chillin in the stroller with his best dude, Mason.

I'm pretty sure I overheard them say something about a "gnarly video game". Totally.


Crystal said...

How fun! I worked at Interskate when I was a young lass. Good times had at the skating rink. That's hilarious - I'm glad your boys got to enjoy it! :)

On the road again said...

Actually I think they were brand new. Your feet were so small that most kids your age wore a lot bigger size. I couldn't find any that small withour ordering them. Looks like you found some for Preston that were small.