Monday, August 24, 2009


Eight months old.

I love this age.

Every day we're starting to see more and more of Connor's personality.
It's so much fun discovering if he's...




or mischievous.

Turns out, he is all four of those things and much more.
This was evidenced by how I found him in his crib one morning.

A Houdini in the making.
(Note the stragetically placed diaper in the background.)


stacey said...

LOVE the personalities!!! sweet boy!

Alison said...

Love this set of pictures! He's getting so big and still so adorable.

On the road again said...

Love it, Love it, Love it. I am anxiously awaiting a picture to put in my frame. Any of these will be fine. I need a 8 X 10. MOM

M DeLozier said...

How did you get that Chase face one? Mischieveous

leasa said...

That's my fav one...mischiveous!! It's funny you said that Missy...I have thot in several pics Connor DOES LOOK LIKE CHASE--SCAREY!!!