Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cute or Creepy?

See that little widget on the left hand column? The one that says "Countdown To Baby!"? Well I added it a while back because I had seen it on other blogs and thought it was kind of a cute way to keep everybody informed on how the baby was doing. When I installed it, I played around with the due dates just to see how accurate the development of the baby in the virutal womb was. Sorry to disappoint but you won't be seeing much change in virtual baby. It pretty much looks the same now as it will at nine months. So even though my belly will be full with baby and there won't be much wiggle room, virtual baby will still look as though it resides in the world's largest uterus. Uhm... ok.

So what do you think of virtual baby over there? Cute or creepy? Keep it or lose it? I want to hear from you, you're the ones that have to look at it.

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muppetquilter said...

I feel a lot better about Virtual Baby now! I was wondering why VB was head down so early on. Personally, I think it's kind of fun-- if the 161 days to go doesn't depress you.