Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day!

Although Phillip and I decided to not exchange gifts this year - we agreed to put that money towards paying off the house - I had a fantastic Valentines Day! Here's how our day went.

8am - Awaken by noisy toy being played in the hallway outside by bedroom by equally noisy boy. Superb hubby has allowed me to sleep in a bit.

8:02 - Noisy boy standing bedside, "Mommy, see my toy?" (Of course I've seen the toy, and apparently I have unsucessfully hidden said toy.) "Happy Valentine's Day, Preston" "Happy Valentine Mommy." Hugs and kisses exchanged.

8:45 - Get in the car take Phillip to work.

9:10 - Return home to get started on our Valentine's Day craft which produced these lovely paperplate Valetine holder/purses/door hangers for good friends Kylie and Maya.

Preston used a crayon to color the underneath side of a paperplate. Although hard to see as Preston was not very adventurous with the crayon. Preston helps staple the two plates and I trim the tops to make them look more like hearts. I then cut out the paper hearts and Preston glues them on the front and applies the stickers for the names. (Another alphabet recognition opportunity, thumbs up!) Preston holds the ribbon, I cut and attach them. Voila gift complete!

10:15 - Begin name writing on individual Valentines for Rec Center teachers and friends.

Preston's first attempt at writing his own name without my guidance. You can clearly see the "P" and "T". The "O" got squished against the "T", but all in all I would say he did a great job. We had seven of these to do so by the time we got the end he was all a bit done with it. I'm so proud of my little guy! We've only just started working on writing our letters.

12pm - Lunch is served: peanut butter and jelly, celery sticks and cheese puffs. And that was just for me. Just kidding! I had leftovers.

12:40 - Time to leave for T-ball at the Rec Center and deliver Valentines to teachers.

1:15 - I return home to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Typically this is impossible to do with a 3 year-old who thinks he has to sweep and mop too, so I've taken advantage of the alone time. Also started on dinner - lasagna - and speed cleaned the house as mother-in-law was coming over for Valentine's Dinner.

3pm - Pick up Preston at the Rec Center and drive to friend's house to deliver paperplate Valentine holder/purse/doorhanger thingy to Kylie and Maya.

Kylie giving Preston his Valentine she made. Pixie stick included. Score!

Love how Maya is looking at Preston in this photo.

Showing off their Valentines.

Looks like we have Valentine success!

And this is what it looks like right before you sneeze. Visit friends, spread germs, mission accomplished.

3:30 - Race to the store to pick up milk and mozzerella for the lasagna. Well the milk isn't for the lasagna, that's for breakfast in the morning.

4:10 - Finally home, Preston has a snack and watches TV *gasp* while I finish the lasagna, shower, more speed cleaning and put on my make-up so that dear hubby is not totally frightened on Valentine's Day.

5:40 - Mother-in-law brings Phillip home and gives Preston his present which just happens to be this green teeter-totter. May not mean that much to you, but this goes to his marble run and he thought it was the BEST THING EVER!

Mother-in-law gave me a bag of candy which included a large box of Junior Mints. May not meant that much to you, but trust me it was the BEST THING EVER!

6:00 - Dinner is served. Lasagna was mother-in-law's recipe and my first attempt. I must boast that it also was the BEST THING EVER!

9:00 - Mother-in-law helps Preston to bed, reads a book, says prayers and heads home.

10:00 - Everyone is fast asleep except for this tuckered out housewife. What? Are those my Junior Mints calling me? Gotta go!


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Ha! You are so funny! Glad to hear that you had such a great Valentine's Day.

I have been seriously thinking of getting one of those marble runs for Noah, since he is so into Rube Goldberg machines. He actually sits and stares at marble run videos on (and you gasp when you put Preston in front of the tv!?)

Happy Love Day!

Missy said...

Glad you had such a good day. Wish we could be there for the birthday, sorry about the weather and working.


On the road again said...

I hope you saved me a donut valentine. The plate valentine was a really cute idea and I bet the kids really liked them. I loved the pictures of Preston. MOM