Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One for the brag book

Ok, I said I wouldn't make this a "my kid did this", "look how cute/smart/great my kid is" blog. But here we go the second blog in a row where I dote on my cute/smart/great kid.

Preston seems to have this uncanny ability to recall random bits of information. Although for him I'm sure it's not all that random. I mean in the first three years of life all information is pretty important, right? I'm probably just really jealous since I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

Anyway, this evening in the car Preston is trying to get me to look at something important. Yes, something more important than the actual road in front of me. *sigh*

Me: What is it honey?
Preston: There, right there mommy!
Me: That building?
Preston: No. Up there. (Probably pointing but how would I know?)
Me: The sky? Yes, the sunset is pretty.
Preston: No, not the sun. Right there, that line.
Me: Oh the telephone pole?
Preston: No. Remember mommy at the car wash?
Me thinking: Is this a new topic? When was I at a car wash? Did I pass a car wash? Eh?

This conversation continues at this pace for several exchanges until it finally dawns on me. Waaaay back in November I took the car to a new car wash where the attendant kindly removes my car antennae so that I may proceed through the wash. Today is the day of all days that Preston decides to discuss this with me.

Later this same evening right after hugs and kisses, prayers and a tucking in, Preston decides to gives us a little physical science lesson that he learned several months ago. Mr. Ricardo (who resembles Marion Barber of the Dallas Cowboys) teaches a few classes at the Rec. Center that Preston attends a few days a week. During one class, Mr. Ricardo demonstrates how gas in one balloon floats and the other just has air. It wasn't so much that Preston remembered that one balloon had gas and the other had air, but he remembered what color each balloon was and how the "green" balloon got stuck above one of the cabinets and Mr. Ricardo couldn't reach it.

I won't even go into how he remembered a specific Christmas detail from two Christmases ago. Or how he figured out how to work all 5 of our TV remotes. I wonder if he remembers what I had breakfast?

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Shama-Lama Mama said...

I know what you mean! Noah would do the same thing! I sometimes wonder if they just haven't filled their little minds up with bunches of garbage yet, and only have a very few years of things to remember anyway...

The Christmas that Noah turned 4 I sat him down and explained Santa to him... the first time I thought he would really get it. I showed him pictures of Santa and he tells me, "He took my french fry!", and I am all... "huh????".

After some grilling I figured out that he remembered the mall Santa Claus, coming back from break, stopped by our table in the food court when Noah had just turned one, and chatted him up, asked if he could have one of Noah's french fries and just TOOK one!

It must have made such an impression on him! And he remembered the beard and suit, but didn't know who he really was until Noah was four!