Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, to be 3 again

I am convinced that 3 is the age to be. My son, Preston who is in fact 3 can attest to that. While he may have the world at his fingertips, you'll probably find those same fingertips all over my newly cleaned windows. No longer a toddler, this pre-schooler has got it made. Just the name "pre-schooler" alone says it all. No responsibilities, nobody but your mom to tell you what to do - and let's face it, she's kind of a pushover - naps are mandatory, and your most challenging decision is whether you want to play blocks or trains.

Of course with each passing year new growth and acheivments present their own set of challenges. Check out some of these developmental milestones by the end of age 3 according to the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • Imitates adults and playmates

Unfortunately this one leads to, "Preston, please don't say [fill in blank]. I know mommy just said [fill in blank] but you don't say it."

  • Spontaneously shows affection for familiar playmates

Found myself saying this at the park today, "It's ok to just wave at your friends, you don't have to hug each one of them."

  • Can take turns in games

I think it is safe to say that most 3 year olds understand this concept they just refuse to accept it.

  • Understands concept of "mine" and "his/hers"

Of course, if mine means I want what he/she has, and what is mine cannot be his/hers.

  • Expresses affection openly

Nothing wrong with that, we should all do it a little more.

  • Expresses a wide range of emotions

Is whining an emotion? How about pouting?

  • By 3, separates easily from parents

Far too easily, if you ask me.

  • Objects to major changes in routine

Objects to just about anything that wasn't their idea to start with.

We're not quite even to the halfway point of 3 and it's been an adventure, but one I wouldn't miss for the world. Yup, 3 is definitely the age to be. Unless of course you're 4, that's pretty sweet too.

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