Saturday, November 3, 2007

Take Two

No, not take two and call me in the morning. More like uhm, that was lame... shall we try again? Although I can't guarantee that this second post is going to be much more exciting, but hey I'll give it a shot. I've made a few changes since last time (not that there was much traffic between yesterday and today), most noticeably my new header. Yes, you are correct that is the most adorable boy you've seen... admit it, you were thinking it. And yes, that is my son. I took that photo last February for Valentines and it is still one of my favorites. So there you have it, the first little tid bit about myself, I dabble in photography.

Back to the header... yes, I know there is a giant blank space there. Did I forget to add something? Did I get tired and go to bed? Did my photoshop crash? No... I just can't think of anything to put in there. Which brings me to the question, what is the purpose of this blog? Ok, so it needs to be about me... it needs to be somewhat entertaining... it needs to glorify God... but what else?

Having clicked on about 600 blogs lately to enter into all those sensational giveaways you would think I would have been inspired to come up with my own idea. Crafty blogs - ok, I could maybe do that when I dig my sewing machine out from a pile of junk. Christian themed blogs - I am a Christian but I would prefer to leave the devotionals and prayer pumping to those who do it well. Family blogs - that's always a good choice, I love my family. And there's no doubt that they will be included in some fashion, but I'll be sharing most of those daily mundane type entries for our family website. Sorry, if you are into "Johnny lost his first tooth" or "Mary ate her first solid food" type readings let me know and I'll share that site with you. So here is the big question: What should my blog purpose be? If you have an idea or suggestion, feel free to share. Maybe tell me what your blog is about, or maybe the idea you rejected, I'm not picky!


bethany said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway! The winners have
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When you order on Etsy let me know in the "notes to
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MooBeeMa said...

Hi Cindy! I just wanted to let you know that you WON my giveaway of The Shack Book. you can e-mail me privately at "partalpaca at gmail dot com" and I will mail it to you pronto. Darling blog by the way.

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Congrats on winning Shama-lama Mama's giveaway. I must say my reasons for blogging are not particularly concise:
but it boils down to community, intellectual/writing life, and sharing my faith. I'm still trying to figure out the concise version of my blog's "purpose." There's a link from the page above to Don't try This at Home's blogging story carnival. Maybe you'll find some inspiration there. Have fun!