Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Preston's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Preston's 4th birthday on Sunday September, 7. He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese like we did for his 3rd. But this time we went to a "new" Chuck E. Cheese (basically just a different location than last years). Unfortunately only one of the few friends we invited was able to attend. I don't think Preston noticed, as he thinks everybody at Chuck E. Cheese is there for him anyway.

First stop, playing games. Notice the tongue, that helps you play better.

Checking out the air hockey table.

Air hockey rules!

Playing games with his Ra-Ra.

Time to open presents!
Discovering what is inside the box.

Yay for wriggly track! (This goes with his marble run)

Speed Racer cake which almost didn't happen.
(Ugh! I might be able to talk about it when he's sixteen)

Make a wish!

Our friend Corbin enjoying some blue icing.
Meeting Chuck E. Cheese.

Getting ready to dance with Chuck E. Cheese.
(They gave all the kids free tickets after they danced.)

After the party we headed to Preston's first night at Awana. It's a weekly Bible based program for preschoolers and school aged children. They teach them scripture, play games, tell stories, have a snack, and sing songs. We got to stick around for the first night and Preston had a really good time. There's even another Preston in his class, which totally blew his mind. He looks forward to going every week. And it gives mom and dad a chance to hang out.


Anonymous said...

The tongue-- it really does help kids play better. A child psychologist explained this to me. There's a brain development thing and, for kids, sticking out their tongue like that actually does improve concentration. The brain is a very strange beast.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh, it looks like he had a lot of fun! I really need to get a marble run like that for Noah. He loves ramps a lot for some reason.

I see on your counter that you have 100 days to go! Are you "nesting" yet!?

I am so excited for you!

MOM said...

Wish we could have been there. We were there for his birth day and plan to be there for baby boy chapman's birth day.