Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Today was an emotional day for me (first of many I am sure). For the past four years - minus a little time off when I had Connor - Preston and I had been attending Bible Study Fellowship on Wednesday mornings. When we first moved to Dallas I didn't have any mommy friends and I was eager to find my place in this big metropolis. Fortunately my mother-in-law suggested that I find a local BSF chapter and join. Preston was only sixteen months old, and discovering that they didn't offer childcare until the age of two I was forced to wait patiently (or not so patiently) until September. Preston had been two for exactly one whole day when we started BSF together in 2006. And even though I was a bit nervous leaving him for those couple of hours, Preston walked right into the classroom and never looked back.

The great thing about BSF is that the little ones learn exactly what the mommy's are learning - age appropriately, of course. They don't just babysit or "watch" your child; they teach, interact, and love on your child. That first year we were blessed with two of the best teachers - Mrs. D and Mrs. S. These were two of the most loving and generous people I have ever met. They not only instilled the word of God into Preston's life, but supported and encouraged me as well. When Preston went through his biting phase, they reassured me that he was normal and that he would grow out of it. As we approached potty training they offered advice and reassured me that he'd get it eventually. And he did. On both accounts.

As the next three years passed Preston had different teachers at BSF, and each one of them was special in their own way. But it was that first year with Mrs. D and Mrs. S that made all the difference. Even though he was no longer in their class, Preston always stopped to give them a hug on his way to his own class. I never had to prompt him, it was as if he realized just how special they were as well.

Today was Preston's last day with Bible Study Fellowship. Of course Connor (they now offer classes for under two) and I will continue in the fall, but Preston will be starting kindergarten. In honor of this last day, we made a small token for each of the teachers who had touched his life along the way.

And yes, I'm going to miss seeing Preston run down the sidewalk to enter the church and praying he doesn't fall and skin his knee. I'll also miss watching him search for his name badge outside the classroom door. I'll especially miss the coaxing necessary to convince him it was time to go. Despite the bittersweet emotions, I can rest assured that the lessons and love poured into him will one day spill out onto others.


Crystal said...

Aww, you got me all teary eyed. That is so sweet, Cindy. And, I love the gift you made! I still can't believe kindergarten is coming so fast!

M DeLozier said...

Wow, those teachers will forever cherish those. Now let's all pray that teachers get parents that understanding every year.

Tracey said...

Aww what a sweet sweet gift!!

stacey said...

what a sweet memory and gift!

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