Monday, May 10, 2010

The Finished Product

Remember this?

That's right. The weird box looking thing that I planned to give my mom for Mothers Day (or is it Mother's Day, whatever). Well with my box of misfit tools in hand my boys and I headed to the garage for a little makeover magic. Or at least a little demolition which is always good for the soul.

With just a little bit of effort and a hammer I was able to remove the sides. I used the saw for the bits that just wouldn't come off - that was some kind of special glue they used there! The sandpaper was for the even smaller bits that refused to budge. And voila! All that's left is the bottom and a few scraps. You'll see what I did with those scraps in a minute.

Preston helped me paint the edges and those mysterious scraps white and the flat part a pale blue. Connor supervised. He's not really good at that though - too many coffee breaks, sheesh!

With the paint I had on hand (no pun intended) the boys left their mark. Just FYI, five year olds are better at this than one year olds. How Connor didn't end up rainbow colored, I'll never know. Then Preston helped me paint the grass.

I used the left over pieces to fashion a little fence and then added a few artistic details. And there you have it. A little sign for my mom's garden from two cute grandkids and one kind of crafty daughter.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom. Hope you enjoyed it.


Crystal said...

Very cute, Cindy! That is awesome!

Alison said...

What a fantastic idea - it turned out GREAT!