Monday, September 21, 2009

What's Up Doc?

It's the day every child looks forward to. They wait with anticipation at seeing their favorite person. Is it Santa Clause? The Easter Bunny? Is it the Great Pumpkin? Nope. For Preston, it's Dr. G. No, not Dr. G. the medical examimer. Now that would be just weird.

It's Dr. G., the pediatrician. Really, that's what she goes by. It's so much easier than butchering her name when I call to make an appointment. However, it's very awkward when you're filling out medical paperwork and you suddenly have no clue what her real last name is.

The morning of Preston's appointment we were in the car discussing that afternoon's events which was going to his five year well with Dr. G. I explained to Preston that he was going for a check up. Of course the obvious five year old question was "What's a check up?"

My response was brief and vague: It's a time when you go the doctor and she checks to make sure your body is working well and she answers any questions you have about your body. Now be quiet while mommy navigates through heavy traffic.

Well I suppose I ignited a spark in him somewhere because once we got home he immediately had a list of questions he wanted to ask the doctor. And being the good mom/cook/cleaner/secretary that I am, promptly took dictation. Here's what he came up with all on his own:

He was so proud of his list of questions. He carried them with him to the appointment and told everyone from the receptionist to the nurse that he had his "list" for the doctor. He barely let the doctor get in the patient room before he shoved the list in her hand. Thank goodness, Dr. G. has been around kids a time or two and was more than gracious to take the time to answer his questions right away.

Number one was easy for her, "Today". Uh-oh, that pesky chicken pox vaccine. She quickly went to the next question as to not lose her captive audience, literally. The next three questions all tied in together so all she had to do was explain the digestive system in a way that a five-year-old can understand. As you can imagine this led to questions about elimination. *Sigh* Oh to be the mom of boys.

Fortunately, Preston got all of his questions answered to his satisfaction and a clean bill of health. He is ready to take on the year that is five. He looks good doesn't he?

Ok, well he might need a little plastic surgery for that floating head and wiggly nose, but all in all I'd say he's looking mighty fine.

Oh wait, this is better. Although I think the self-portrait with the mouth wide open is a more accurate representation.


Crystal said...

That is so awesome, Cindy! What a cool kid - and pediatrician. :) Jack has been very into digestion and almost every meal recites the whole digestive tract and giggles at the end. Thanks to Sid the Science Kid - well not the giggling, that's just cause he's a goofy boy.

On the road again said...

You told me all about Connors trip to the doctor but nothing about Preston's. Now I see why. So much better to see the pictures than to just hear about it. Maybe the next time I see him he can explain it to me because I've never understood how the digestive system works. MOM

Alison said...

I love that he came up with his own questions! I like his self portrait, too :)