Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School

Well it's not big school, it's pre-school but that's a big deal around here. Preston was super excited about going to school this year. He met the teacher last week and was disappointed that he couldn't stay and play. Of course the first thing he asked Miss Katie was if she had "blocks and marbles" (translation: a marble run). When she said that she did, Preston insisted that she get them out for him so he could play. It took quite a bit of convincing but we were finally able to leave. While most kids were crying because they thought they were staying - mine was crying because he had to go.

So on Tuesday, Preston gets to pick his special breakfast which is waffle with strawberries.

Meanwhile, I get his lunch all packed and ready to go. A peanut butter and strawberry jam Uncrustable (bought on sale nearly free, but probably never again as they are so expensive), grapes, Go-Gurt (yogurt in a tube which I froze first so it will thaw by lunchtime), a Capri Sun, and a special note from mom. Sorry for the lack of vegetable, it was the first day.

His lunchbox that he picked out among our collection. Yes, it's Sesame Street. Yes, it's old. Yes, it's ok that he took it.

All ready to go!

Being silly.

A rare photo with mommy. Yes, I do exist!

One with Daddy.

Walking into the school. Once we got inside he looked back and me and said, "Mom, I know my way there" and took off like a light. I was nearly running (with Connor strapped to me) to catch up with him. Like he thought I was going to just let him go in by himself. Don't grow up too fast buddy!

With his teacher, Miss Katie.

I had a very busy day running errands. The day just flew by. I really didn't have time to miss him.

When I picked him up they had just come in from recess and he was all hot and sweaty. I asked him if he had a good day and he said, "I had a GREAT day!" I guess that pretty much says it all.

I'm so proud of my big guy.


On the road again said...

I always remember your first day. You were like Preston glad to go. I'm glad he is enjoying school but I was sure he would. MOM

M DeLozier said...

I thought wow I'm doing great this year with my boys getting a year older the first day of school, but it was kind of my first too this year, so I barely had time to miss them, but this morning reading the blog I'm right back to crying on the first day of school , which is happy to know he loves it, sad that he is growing up before our eyes, and excited about the wonderful things in front of all our boys.

stacey said...

yea for his confidence and excitement!