Monday, March 16, 2009

Now Available on Video...

I was trying to take some photos of Connor smiling, but I was always just a fraction of a second from actually snapping it. Fortunately, I thought to use the video function on my camera. Unfortunately he had decided he was hungry and was intent on eating his hands. Oh well it made for some interesting video footage.

Of course I have to apologize for the poor quality, and the shaky camera handling (holding baby in one hand and camera in the other is not easy), and sorry for my bobble headed baby.

So with all the proper excuses out of the way, I present three original Happy Chaps productions, starring Connor as the Happy, Hungry Baby, Preston as the Hyped Up Preschooler, and myself as the Crazy Voice-Over Lady Who is Withholding Milk.

This first video is titled "Yes, Baby!" It features Connor and myself saying "Yes" repeatedly. I'm not exactly sure why, but the word was evoking all sorts of smiles before the camera was rolling so I went with it. Of course once the red light came on, Connor decides I'm more annoying than humorous and tries to tell me to get a new word. Baby actors are sooo demanding.

This next featurette is a sequel to "Yes, Baby!" and is titled "Surprise!" It features Connor in his most demanding role yet. (Note: rated G for "Gross")

And finally, due to much demand Connor now stars with his brother in this musical. Lyrics and choreography by Preston.

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Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh yay! So adorable. Is it just me or is Connor starting to look a lot like Preston?