Monday, February 16, 2009

Preston's a Party Animal

In October of last year we attended Marsha and Jacob's wedding (Phillip's cousin). Like her sister Monica just a few months prior her church ceremony in Arlington was followed up by a rockin' reception at her father's house. (I hope to have photos of Monica's June wedding posted soon as well. I'm working my way back through the photos.)

As you'll see from the following photos Preston was all about the dance floor. His dance partner was the lovely Ava Grace (a cousin).

The cake. The bride had a sunflower theme.

Look at those moves!

Dancing With The Stars here we come!

Or mabe not. Ha ha.

They certainly had everyone's attention.

This was some kind of line dance that the wedding party was doing. It was so cute to see the little ones jump right in there and dance along.

I love how I caught Ava Grace in the air.

Time to take a break for cake.

Oh dear, now he's dancing with the wedding party.

Taking a break with daddy.

Marsha, the beautiful bride.
Natalie is in the background.

Preston and his cousin Katie.

Aunt Vicky and Karen (Nana).

Uncle Blake and Aunt Natalie

Disco Fever!
(I'm pretty sure he gets it from me)

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