Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heavenly Words

This is the conversation that took place at bedtime tonight:

Preston: I want Jesus to come out of my heart.

Me: No, you want Jesus to stay in your heart, that is how he talks to us.

Preston: But I can't hear him.

Me: If you be real still and quiet you will hear him.

Preston: I tried that before, I didn't hear him.

Me: Maybe you weren't quiet enough?

Preston: I was quiet and I didn't hear him. I want him to talk to me.

Me: Well you just have to listen really hard. He'll talk to you. Now let's go to bed.

Preston: Ok, I'll try it right now. [He now lays really still and doesn't say a word for like 3 seconds] See?! I don't hear him!

Me: Hmmm.

Preston: I want to ask him a question. I'll do it right now. [Lowering his head and talking to his heart] Jesus I want you to talk to me. [Pause] He's not talking!

Me: He'll talk to you don't worry. If you are still and quiet enough Jesus will talk to you. Sometimes you have to wait for Jesus, he doesn't always answer right away. Sometimes you just have to give it more time. Time to get under the covers now.

Preston: Ok, I'll try again. [Lays still and quiet for 5 seconds] I heard him!!

Me: Really? You did? What did he say?

Preston: He said, I love you.


stacey said...

you will be so glad you recorded this!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh my gosh! That is so sweet!!