Monday, November 3, 2008

Place Your Photo Order

I sent out this email to family and friends regarding how to order their favorite print from Preston's photo shoot.

Dear Family,

We wanted to share with you some portraits from Preston 4 year photo shoot. We’re really pleased with how they turned out and hope you will be too. You can view them by clicking on the following link to Cindy’s blog.

We would be happy to send you your very own copy of one of these portraits in any size you prefer. Unlike most professional portraits where we would only get to send you one pose in whatever size they give us, you get to pick the one you like best.

Once you make your decision, email us with the following information:
- Name of photo(s) (i.e. "Green pole")
- Your preferred size of each photo (4 x 6 are standard but will also do 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 if that is your preference)
- Color or black and white

Please make your selection from any of the following portraits. Remember that any photo can be made black and white and vice versa. And if you just simply cannot make up your mind and need more than one photo that can be arranged as well. (Can't say as I blame you, I can't pick my favorite either.)

"Close up" in color

"Close up" in black and white

"Standing door"

"Looking down"



"Funny face"

"Green pole"

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