Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What'd You Say?!

So recently Preston has been coming up to us with some whoppers. And by whoppers I mean out-of-the-blue-seemingly-out-of-context-where'd-you-hear-that kind of sayings. This usually happens while we are having a conversation in the car. Here are a couple of examples:

Preston: Daddy, I saw you on top of the fence yesterday.

Daddy: Oh, really? I don't remember being on the fence.

Preston: I saw you, it was really funny.

Me: What was Daddy doing on the fence?

Preston: I don't know, he was up there and then he fell off.

This conversation just happened to take place after Phillip mentioned to me that he was "on the fence" about some decision.

And there is this one:

Preston: Nana, why was her head cut off?

Me: *Gasp*

Nana: Where did he hear that?

Me: *Shrugs* What are you talking about, Preston?

Preston: Her head, why was it cut off?

None of us were quite sure where to go with that... until suddenly I realized that Nana had just said, describing a co-worker, that she was "running around like a chicken with her head cut off".

This is just proof that kids hang on to your every word. They may not obey every word, but they hear it.


On the road again said...

I have been having internet problems with AT&T. I have switched to CenturyTel and I was finally able to open your blog. Your holding your figure well on the super download. Couldn't even tell you were 7 months along. Also Preston is a lot smarter than we think he is. Better watch what you say in front of him. MOM

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