Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Preston started swim lessons this week. Here's just a few pics. (Sorry they're blurry and kind of dark.)

Waiting for class to start. (He's the short one in the blue shorts)
I like to call this one "Oreo" or "SPF 50 Required". (Is my boy white or what?!)

Practicing the breathing technique with the rings.

Kicking. Our favorite part.

Stroke... breathe... stroke...

Taking the dumbell out for a swim... I'm talking about the swim apparatus!

Notice the technique. Tongue out allows you to swim better.
(Oh and notice how the instructor has one eye back on the kids? Too funny!)

Let's try swimming on our back.

Looking not so sure.
"Mom, are you sure this guy is a 'certified instructor'?"

"It's all good!"


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh how sweet! He looks like a tiny baby in that second to last one!

I need to get Noah back into classes this summer. When we swim I tell him, "lets blow bubbles with our faces in the water!" and he says, "no thanks, Mom!". I counter with "Okay then, why don't we go over to the big pool and you can jump in and I will catch you!". "No, I like it here in the baby pool.

He was so much more agreeable with the two private classes he took last year.

On the road again said...

I couldn't get the pictures up at first and I just read your comments. When the pictures came up I just laughed and laughed. Your Dad and Gray got a big laugh out of it too. He still looks like he has no fear of water. I'm anxious to see more of your posts. MOM