Monday, June 2, 2008

The Big Brother's New Do

First of all if haven't heard our big news, you'll want to click here.
We finally broke down and decided to pay a professional to cut Preston's hair. Up until then my mother-in-law or myself have been trimming it here and there. I can't speak for my mother-in-law but I had no clue what I was doing and thus Preston's hair has suffered for it.
Phillip was needing to get his hair cut so we decided to go ahead and let them take a whack at Preston. As Phillip is a simple (and thrifty) kind of guy he just goes to one of those walk-in type places. Preston was called first and although the hair dresser (or is it hair stylist... beautician... beauty salon person? I haven't a clue) didn't speak much English I attempted to tell her what I'd like to have done with Preston. I kind of wanted to keep the bowl cut we had going but I had fears that she would shave the back and sides and Preston would look walk out looking like Mo of the 3 Stooges. Helmet hair is not cool. Anyway as I was laboriously trying to explain, "Just do like we have here, nothing fancy, nothing adult or teenage looking, uhm... more like a trim, well not like a trim... uhm..." At this point I'm sure she's either thinking "Oh, I got one of those moms" or "I cannot understand a thing she is saying". Thankfully she interrupts me and says, "You want little boy hair cut?" Uhm, yes that's what a I want, do that. Although I'm pretty sure that directly translates from English to her native language to mean "Shut up woman. I cut, you like." Regardless I think she did a really good job. Not exactly what I thought I wanted, but she did cut and I do like. Sorry Karen, our boys no longer have matching hair-do's.


Shama-Lama Mama said...

Hey! Whatcha got against a bowl cut??? No, seriously though... it turned out really cute! If I did that to Noah's, though, the swept aside part would just fall straight back down into bangs.

I am trying to get the courage up to get it cut shorter so that the bangs kind of stand up. Noah looks good when I pull the hair off his forehead. There is just no going back if I do it. Ack!

Ron and Joanne said...

It was good talking to Preston. I hope he understood that I like his new haircut. He wouldn't hardly get me get a word in the conversation unlike the other grandsons who wouldn't talk at all at that age. MOM