Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Part 1

I am so far behind posting photos. And the next few posts will probably seem out of order but I just had to share some of my boys and how cute they were on Halloween.

Preston is really into Mario right now. So we thought it fitting that he dress up as Mario for Halloween. And since I'm pretty frugal these days it also seemed like a relatively cheap costume to put together. Turns out that I spent only $1 - yes! $1 to make both boys costumes. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

First I need to show you the cute trick-or-treat bags that I picked up at the dollar store. (Yes, I spent more on the bags to hold the loot than I did the actual costumes.) These bags had a cute jack-0-lantern face on one side and I cut out felt and glued their names on the other.

Time to pose with your bags, boys.

Connor wasn't too sure what to do with his, so Phillip improvised the "holding". We made sure to remove the bag from around his neck prior to adding candy to it.

And here's Mario showing off his bag. Yes, the high water overalls were intentional. I felt that it really completed the video game "geek" factor.

Connor went as "Power Ups". For those not in the know, power ups are kind of like little helps that Mario collects on the way. The mushrooms give Mario extra lives and the flower gives him fire power.

In case you were curious here's how I made his costume: one already owned pajama sleeper light blue + cut out felt in the shapes of power ups + hot glue (not while child is wearing!) = one super cute Super Mario Galaxy Power Up!

Uh oh Mario! Looks like your power ups are getting away! You better go get them!

Why do you laugh, Mario? Does your mustache tickle?

Here's the recipe for a great Mario costume: one already owned size 24 month overalls that your too skinny 5 year old can still wear *gasp* + one borrowed red shirt + brown shoes + mustache shaped felt attached with elastic + already owned red hat with felt M + one pair of white gloves $1 = one cute super plumber! (Remember? Mario was a plumber when he first appeared on Donkey Kong.)

Good work Mario! You caught your power up! Now go save Princess Peach!


Crystal said...

Okay, the Mario is super cool (and your details and commentary are pretty funny), but the Power Up makes me lol. Too cute!!

On the road again said...

Your Dad has gone to bed but as soon as he is up in the morning I'm going to show these pictures to him. I knew Preston went as Mario but I never dreamed how you made the costume. They are both perfect costumes.

stacey said...

ah man, i think you beat me in the cheap department!! such a cute idea!