Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a Swim Thing

Preston started swim class the day after we got back from our trip. Thanks to Great Granddad, we were able to sign him up at the local rec center. Last year we went to the YMCA and I wasn't impressed with his teacher, so I thought we'd try someplace new.

I'm so glad we did because Preston got an excellent teacher. Chris was extra patient and kind and had a lot of fun while teaching. And since he only had one other student besides Preston it was like having private lessons. And for an added bonus our entrance to swim class allowed us to visit the city pool (located at the rec center) for free, so we often stayed after to enjoy a little fun in the sun. We almost forgot that it was a hundred and ten degrees outside.

Waiting for swim class to start

Teacher Chris, classmate Emma, and Preston having a little pow wow.

Practicing floating like a starfish

Not quite sure about it yet

Starting to get the hang of it

By the end of the session he had mastered floating on his back

Connor hung out in the stroller and cheered brother on

Waiting for your turn is sometimes boring

Preston showing off his mad swimming skills

Now that's some concentration

Towards the end of nearly every class Chris would take the kids outside and have them jump off the diving board and swim to the edge of the pool. Emma showed no fear and would jump right in. Preston needed a little more coaxing. He would get all excited but as soon as he got about half way out on the board he would turn around and head back down the ladder. Poor fella. I don't think it was the jumping but the wobbly diving board that made him nervous.

Finally Chris convinced Preston to jump from the side of the pool instead.

Chris asked Preston to "pinky swear" that he'll jump off the diving board next time and he did! Sorry, I wasn't able to get pictures of it. But you'll just have to trust me that he did it. After he jumped, he was ready to end the class and leave, but his teacher and I convinced him to do it one more time. This was such a great accomplishment for him. I know he was really scared and it took every ounce of bravery he had in him to do it.

One quick funny:
During class his teacher Chris would hold him in the water and repeat, "Dunkin' donuts" as he swung him back and forth. The point was to get them ready to be dunked in the water.

One day at home, Preston and I were playing and he asked me to sing the "Donkey Donuts" song. I had no clue what he was talking about until he started "singing" it the way his swim teacher does. I nearly lost it. I guess the dunking part was lost on Preston.

Preston had accomplished all of the class goals (something he didn't do last year). He is able to swim a few feet, float on his back, and knows the proper stroke and kicking techniques. Chris said that this was his best class by far. After our disappointment from last year, it was so refreshing to see Preston learn and accomplish something he tried so hard to do.


On the road again said...

Those are really great pictures. I almost felt like I was there. Glad you found someone that is such a good teacher.

stacey said...

good job preston!!

that baby boy is getting too big too fast!!