Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Can Stop Voting Now

Thanks to all who have voted for my Kroger bag. I just read the fine print in the contest and in order for my submission to even be considered I would have to place in the top ten in terms of most votes. I have 15 votes. Pretty good, huh? I just checked the current standing and I would need to find a few thousand friends fast in order to even come close before the contest ends. Number ten currently stands with 8,743 votes. Ron O. in Alabama has 36,366 votes. Wow, he's one popular guy. Think he's got any friends he'd be willing to loan me? Or perhaps share his secret method of voting for himself on multiple computers? I think my library only has about a dozen computers and frankly I just don't have the time and energy to cheat.

Oh well, at least I'll get my free bag. That is if I can ever find one in the store. Maybe Ron O. sent his buddies out to collect them all.

Oh and yes, that Iris was one of the ones that bloomed in my front yard. Pretty isn't it?

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