Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Next Stop Hollywood!

Preston had his television debut today! And Preston could have cared less. *sigh* Apparently when you are three and you've been on the cover of the local insert of the paper, finding yourself in a sea of faces on the TV screen is not that exciting.

A little backstory: I belong to a local mom's group online. It is a great community of moms from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and stages of life. Although the online group is confined to the DFW area, I have actually only met a few of these women in real life. At over 1,000 members it has become a challenge and Dallas is bigger than you might think, ya'all. The great thing about this group is that we are all moms and we care about each other. It has quickly become my biggest resource when I need to find the best park, kid-friendly eats, recipes, rash identifiers (really!), and just plain and simple good old fashioned mom advice. Granted some advice I'd just as soon do without, but that's not so much unlike real life don't you think? But unlike other mom boards there is that potential you might actually meet one of these ladies someday so a lot of the rudeness/self-righteousness is missing when there is no real anonymity. Not to say we don't have our drama, but most of the time it's all hugs and support. If you are going through it, 99% of the time another momma has gone through it too.

So recently our local news station WFAA has taken an interest in our moms board and decided to make it a feature in their Good Morning Texas show which airs after Good Morning America. During this segment they interviewed Nicole, the mom who started it all and showed clips from a playdate held on Monday that we attended.

You'll have to look fast, but when they show the group shot of everyone yelling, "Good Morning Texas" you'll see me (in pink) holding Preston. Look just right of the center behind the kids. He had no interest in standing with the other kids, or yelling "Good Morning Texas" or being on television whatsoever. So being the good mom I am held him up for all the world... er, Texas to see. He'll thank me someday.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to post the video here. So please (pretty please) click on this link. Mom, see where it is underlined? Click that word. ;)

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