Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is Hawaii:

This is Hawaii when your friend Karen goes there:

A whole lotta nothin'!

Just kidding! I have to give my friend Karen over at Shama-lama Mama a hard time about not posting her photos from her trip to Hawaii yet. Oh sure, she's got plenty of excuses. Something about packing, moving, taking care of 3 boys, and some other nonsense. Whatever! Get with it girlfriend! ;)

Although my friendly banter (aka pestering) did result in her mentioning me in her blog not once but seven times! She only mentioned her mom once. How cool am I?

However, pay no attention to the fact that my blog had not been updated in a couple of weeks. I could just say that I'm so deprived of photos of palm trees and endless beaches that I can't bring myself to blog. Yeah, that's it!


Shama-Lama Mama said...


If I didn't have to spend all my time typing in the 14-letter word verification thats all x's and q's and b's and d's and p's I would have more time to download some pictures!! (Makes one think they are dislexic! Why can't they use NORMAL letters?)

Ah, heck, who am I kidding. I don't even know WHICH house my camera is in anymore! I'm mostly just camping at the old house, waiting until we are allowed to sleep at the new house.

Snowbird said...

Yup, love Karen's pictues of Hawaii and how about the fact I only get mentioned once. :) I wonder what her excuse will be after she is moved in and settled? LOL Anyway, nice to meet you Cindy. Karen's Mom