Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Card Outtakes

My child does not smile anymore. Is he unhappy? Hurt? Sad? No. In fact, he's a very joyful child. Loves to laugh and have fun - as far as I can tell pretty normal. However, for some reason when I pull out my not-so-inconspicuous camera, my child is unable to smile. He just can't do it. And I do not possess any ability to be able to pull that smile out. Oh sure, we've tried all the standards, 'Say cheese!'... here's what I get:

Say, 'Cheeseburger!':

'Please, can't you just smile?':

'Why don't you show Mommy just how much you love having your picture taken?':

A little better:

As you can see, while still incredibly cute, my child has made it nearly impossible to get a good photo for the annual family Christmas card. Perhaps we'll just put this big fellow on the front of our card, he looks pretty happy.

1 comment:

Kelly Malloy said...

Smile or not, he still looks adorable!